Anniversary event unable to hatch 10 for 20 paid

Tapping on the 10 for 20 paid I went to purchase 26 gems but when returning to use those 20 I get a msg stating I do not have enough gems. I have 26 gems I feel as though it’s an issue

You need to buy 40 gems. Only half count towards the twenty.

The 26 gems is 13 paid + 13 free. The extra gems given by the 2x gem deal do not count as paid gems… they are gifted for free on top of your purchase.

You can check how many paid gems you have by clicking your gem total at the bottom of the screen.

This was a pretty annoying thing when my brother decided to buy some. We couldn’t understand at first why it didn’t work but fortunately he managed to get Kaerukenshi and Sakura.