Am I very lucky because 1 got 2 mythics in just a week??? Btw im rank 60

I got psykid and satomi :heart_eyes:


Yes. Yes you are.

Nice. I’m jealous :unamused:
I have a very bad luck at getting Legendary and mythics

What egg did you hatch?

Newcomer egg

The newcomer egg😁

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I got two mythics rank 26 psykid and azida

I got Drax and the girl faced deer 3 weeks ago at rank 16. I just started playing then

Guys I got another two mythics
Its Drax only 4 gems
And at my first 10x hatch i got lemon and the legendary octopus that has poison coated


Ive 13 or 14 legends and 4 mythics(dragkion,kuraokami(2ndfom),Satomi and aquamurai)

I only have 7 :frowning: