Always in Maintenance

Hi guys, I have some sort of strange problem. One day my game start offline telling me its on maintenance, everything good till it took the entire day. So I enjoy the discord community to find out anything but everyone is playing okey.
I ask them, maybe its NAT, I check on my router and play pvp on neomonster but everything fine I ask to the developers, maybe a change on ip will help you, vpn downloaded, nothing What if I let pass a couple of days? Nothing, maintenance I restart my phone and the router, maintenance Erase cacha of play store, maintenance (and then a couple of issues LOL) Erase cacha of the game, redownload and maintenance What if the problem goes on my phone? I mean, its version 6, I have another one version 8… maintenance
I`m running out of ideas. By the way, not an english native, sorry if mistakes on what I write.

Problem solved. Some little device from my ISP was sending “High voltage”, it just burn out litlle by little something on my router, the first thing getting off was my connection to the game, some days later it was my coneccction to the internet. Before getting nothing on the net and after my problem with the game I just log in with other wifi, it worked, all this trouble is already fixed. Thank you everyone. No one comment nothing cuz this is really weird but it`s already okey. Thanks again.