Ahhh the Nostalgia!

Hello guys!

As you know who I am I have been a figure of this place I call the magical drug I mean magical place called ponyworl- I mean non magical website full of glorious people to meet!


To describe myself ummm…







so practically what I am trying to say is!


have you met my cousin?

He’s actually really good at the game! So you should practically treat him very well! he is royalty line! He is my cousin! THE FAVORITE EMERALDEUS!!!

I gave him my account…

Oh yeah nostalgia~

SO you guys might have known I haven’t been on for at least a month or two and is has been a little more than forever I mean gawd I can’t even count that high!

SO wat I was thinking is to make myself a new ACCOUNT!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

But! Either I start a new one and rage quit trying to get a legendary!

Or someone generous enough can y’know (enter specific word here the mods/devs don’t wanna hear you know! the SLIDE whistle word)

So yeah to officially anncounce my return!



Lol itachi asking itachi

No, you can tell the difference between the two with the way they act. It is two people.


Lol, so you are saying that the guy that was spastic consistently for a long time suddenly because schizophrenic.

Tbh, i dont know what was worse. Either having part of your branched family in a forum as same as you or the fact that the account that you played belongs to your cousin. It is kinda akward if you ask me.

Quit again pls

But forever this time

You’re back!
The only other person in the game who uses Dolpheonix!!!

They were both on chat posting things at the same time on friday. You would somehow have to be extremely bipolar to be able to do that.

He could just have 2 phones.

Let me get this strait, we are arguing if there is one or two nut cases… (No fence, but man if thats acting damm)

i invited u to the group already

I am sorry if my return has made everyone super upset… But I really enjoy this game and I want to be back into this place I call Forum. But just get it straight, my cousin and I both play this game and you can’t change that! And no I am not acting nor do I have schizophrenia but if my presence makes everyone feel uncomfortable, I am happy to tell you all I AM A PART OF THIS FORUM AND YOU CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT ME STARING AT ME STARING AT ME!! (references XD)

Umm refrain at looking at the caps

I am a player of this game no matter what and that I want help and tips as much as all of you forum members out there (except you bots!) I also want to make friends and possibly get good at the game due to new stuff! So. yeah I am sorry if I make you all feel uncomfortable and that I love you all hater or not! 

you stupid schizophrenic ************

I don’t think the people using the term actually know what schizophrenia is or means, and firmly believe it shouldn’t be used an insult.

I know exactly what schizophrenia is and I firmly think it’s the right insult for him

Then if you know what it really means, why not help the person instead of insulting? Lol

Because I’m tired of itachi and his “cousin” behavior pretending they are two different people