advisors for rate team

there are so many unanswered forum posts and they all need help. we have so many smart neo-monster-veterans in this community and if everyone answers 1 post then the help-seekers will be happy. i know that cause i was pretty happy too, when i got a few tipps. have a nice weekend guys :slight_smile:

My apologies I used to get to every one but I haven’t had much time at all recently

Yeah, I’ve also been really busy with work. I haven’t had much time to be on here. I’ll try to go through some over the weekend.

Same, I will also try to get to a few this weekend.

I will try to help out as well I guess, I’m not normally on the rate thread that much but I k ow what I’m doing at least

Everybody has other things in life than the Hunter Island forum guys… I’m trying to help as much as I can.

i dont know what this “real life” is everyone is talking about  :smiley:

Work, family, friends, sport :joy: