Abyss soldiers Bond Passive

In a PVP match, I had A.S. Hill, Dusicyon, leogeist, and A.S. Breaker on my team, they had a shielded goldoid. I used retribution from AS breaker, but it hit the shield and didn’t do damage like it’s supposed to (his bond passive is Excessive Force) I don’t know why this happened but I’d be grateful if you would fix my Abyss soldiers

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

Yeah that’s right, I’ve seen breaker’s bond not work once before. I dunno about any of the other ones having problems.

AS Hill will occasionally keep healing a few turns after there’s no other AS

This is strange, never heard of it.
We will take a look.
Thank you for reporting.


Aero said that he noticed it primarily with AS hill and he’s not sure if it’s with all skills or just restribution and the dual target move.

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We have spot the issue, and it will be fixed for PvP before second half starts.
Thanks again and sorry for the issue.