About Achievement problem!

Dear Game Master (GM).
One day ago, the Achievement has been error, all of the Claimed Rewards were gotten one more time again. I know this problem because some members of my clan detected and I also got it like them. But then I feel if all players know this problem and do that then the game has been destroyed and unfair for some low level players.
So I determind to report this problem to Game Master and desire GM can investigate and will evict gems.
But I have not seen what GM has to say about this. While GM evicted gems over number of gem I got.
I want to GM investigate one more time again and return gem for us.
Thanks you very much


Same of me , i lose 40 gem

I’ve geard some player got many free gems… But U lost 40 gems? @VNchaohunter I’ve never heard it before…
What happen actually?

I have 196 gem. BEFore i got gem from error achiment , i have some reward that i never received , as follows :
20 gem ( 8 times weekly )
20 gem ( lv 165 )
25 gem ( lv 175 )
5 gem ( 1 times Tower )
I must have 266 gem , but now i have only 226 gem . MY friend code is 70482845 . I want you investigate that and return gem for me soon because of forthcoming Festival eggs event . Thank you so much

Yeah I’m pissed off about this

Just got to say, you got 160 gems that you weren’t supposed to get, and now you’re whining about how you’re missing a few.

Kinda indecent when you think about it.

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I think he is trying to say that he had lets say 50 gems, and got another 160 from the bug. But the devs took all 210 instead of just the 160 he had gotten.

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Hope u get back your gems… Ask the devs, bro…

I asked Devs last night by Mesenger ( facebook) , but they have not contacted yet . Can you help me ?