Abbreviation legend

Can anyone throw out a quick ‘legend’ for all the acronyms used on the forum? Having trouble following along on some of the posts. Much appreciated.

You can check the beginners mega thread

Sweet, thank you!

Here you go:
Aoe- Area of effect. It means a basic attack that hits all 4 enemies. (blaze, wave, thunder, quake, dusk, and nova)
AT/AW- Assisted Thunder or Water. Refers to a lineup featuring only a single element in order to maximize the damage of assisted moves. Storm and Water are by far the most effective of the 6 elements.
DA- Desperate All, Nightrider’s signature move. Usually this refers to the common strategy that involves flipping his health into red on purpose in order to sweep at an incredible pace.
DC- Dungeon Challenge, the event where you must trek through a series of random encounter battles without being able to heal in between.
DD- Desperate Double. Mostly used to refer to the Super epics with the move, which includes Titanwolf, Ventokaizer, Gaiakaizer, Pyrokaizer(don’t get these guys confused with Hydrokaizer, he’s not the same), Blightwyrm, Pegassiah, and also arguably Cryogolem and Lordsreign. These monsters prove useful in the Dungeon Challenge since they can rapidly kill enemies with Desperate and can be kept safe by Hold Ground.
DR- Death Revenge. There’s only a small amount of monsters in the game with this passive, most of them being legendaries, and there’s a lot of ways to utilize this skill in pve, so it’s pretty significant.
DSA- Death Sentence All, Soulstealer’s signature move. See SS below for more info on this move.
F2P- Free to Play- Means a player that has not spent any money on the game except for the initial 1$.
FL- Frontline. It consists of the 4 monsters in your team that enter the field at the very beginning of the match.
GF- The Godfeather. This monster is notorious for his move Last Bite, which can render fights against ai controlled teams completely effortless. Dragaia has this move as well.
GT- Refers to monsters with the move Give Turn. It is easily the most powerful support move in the game if used correctly, second of course to Team Turn.
IC- Island Challenge, the event where you draft random monsters 3 at a time and build the best team you can with what is given to you.
NR- Nightrider. See DA above for more info on this monster.
OP- Overpowered. It means a monster that is extremely powerful to the point where it has a detrimental impact on the game balance and must be weakened in order to restore it. The most prominent examples of this from the past are Deathgazer, Chronozeros, multiple successive Team Turns, and Ziberius + Rexkong.
P2W- Pay to Win, the opposite of Free to Play.
PvE- Player versus Enviroment. Every single event and mission in the game except for pvp falls into this category. The ai is predictable and has a very superficial understanding of the mechanics, which gives certain monsters such as Doomengine, Hellfox, Polareon and Godfeather a chance to shine.
PvP- Player versus Player. What it sounds like.
RNG- Random Number Generator, basically means luck.
SCB- Super Challenge Battle, the event where you play 3 very difficult battles in order to get big rewards. This event is used to introduce brand new legendary monsters that will very likely be featured in a special or festival egg sometime after.
SE- Super epic, which is any monster with 5 stars in its final form.
SOTF- Survival of the Fittest, the event where you face off with ai teams whose stats are gradually increased as you go on.
SS- Secret skill, an additional unlockable move that some legendaries have access to. Not to be confused with Soulstealer.
SS- Soulstealer, a monster that is infamous on the frontline for commonly abusing Sleep All and is often paired with monsters like Frostrider and Diredemon in order to help trigger Death Sentence All. Not to be confused with secret skill.
ST- Showdown Tower, the event where you must collect badges to progress, but be very careful lest you end up losing them all.
TK- Twinkiller. Means any monster with both Protector Killer and Sleep Killer. This most often refers to the legendary Twinkillers Kamiwyrm, Shadowyrm and Tridrakhan, but there are also 6 super epic Twinkillers and 4 epic ones.
TT- Refers to monsters with the move Team Turn. This consists of Alphagear, Zephyrox, Lavaronix, and Mechaviathan.
TU- Time Unit, aka seconds.
UC- Ultimate Challenge, the event where you face teams whose stats are increased to enormous proportions.

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Awesome, thank you.

Someone should add the abbreviations for legends to the abbreviation legend

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