A reliable way to obtain Alreramids

I am back in the game since two or three weeks now.
There is any reliable way to obtain Alteramids? Alternative forms are everywhere now and is the case to offer them more often.


I hate it they remove it on mythic Colosseum where it is the only event that contain it. Two past mythic Colosseum without them and they add shiny monsters without it dangg.

Is it not on Garcia event?

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It’s in whales treasure for a purchase.


What part of “reliable way” was unclear?


Yes sir

Yeah, all the other ingredients are almost twice as common as alteramids

Why did you feel that “responding like a douche” was necessary here? I answered the question because it does “reliably” appear in Whales Treasure.


My apologies if I did offend or hurt you in any way, I was trying to be sarcastic did not want to sound like a douche.
In any case as Duck said other ingredients are at least twice as common, imo Alteramids should:

  1. Get added to Evo ingredient deal
  2. Get added to Evo ingredient event rotation (the one every 4 days)
  3. Getting featured more often in PvE events

Those are 3 reliable ways


But devs choose to add shiny monsters than alteramids

Just saying…

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Was I not also called out by a mod in that thread @NMEduck? Just saying….

Please guys don’t keep going, I apologised and looks like Squinty accepted my apologies (I saw the reaction on my message, I guess)
So is not really relevant how many time in the past he did provoke me or vice versa.