2 questions. Do stats improve when you ultra evo? Is there a way to see how much do you need?

I’m contemplating super evolving one of my monsters but the skill he unlocks is useless. Would his stats increase? Or does he just gain that new skill?

Also, I want to be able to play the training food quest when I have 300 xp left to level up. How do you see when this is? Do you just have to guess?

There’s just a percentage bar for your monsters level up process as far as I know and I don’t know if you can physically see a stat difference in there numbers but I have 4 ultras and they definelty seem a lot stronger then there pervious forms

I didn’t notice any stat increase but almost always there’s at least one skill change.

Stats do increase. The exp thing you can only see how much is required until you level up after you complete an online mission it seems.

Stats increase after get Ultra-evolution. The ability (skill) also improve that will get more damage deal to opponent monster, however it also increase sec cost for every improved skill. For example: Starter monster will get ~3300 atk before ultra-evolution, and ~3600 atk after ultra-evo. Skill before ultra-evo was Gigawave (200s), after ultra-evo would be Ultrawave(240s).


This is the only time when I see the xp. When leveling up it doesn’t show.