Ultra Evolution

I only ultra monsters that are going to help my team right away. you’re gonna spend a lot of time if your trying to evole everybody.
I would evolve rexo first tho

Thank you, I’m pretty new to this game and don’t know what team to build could you help me

Max out the stats of the ones you’re using in your team. Considering the higher cost, you should just ultra evolve monsters, who are learning a new ability from which your team benefits when they’re ultra evoveld. Necrowing for example only gets stun immunity as Shadowyrm but on the other hand now has a cost of 13 instead of 8.

I would upgrade several stunbomb tank absorber and timestrike lineup first.
That little pussy can wait later

Stun immunity is huge.

No doubt. But When Necrowing with cost 8 fits into your team and shadowyrm with cost 13 and stun immunity doesnt imo you shouldnt evolve him yet, simply because you can’t use him. That used to be my point :slight_smile:

The stats also go way up when they ultra evolve, so you get a big bump in everything but speed, that’s something else to consider