10% or 1% Group in online missions

Who calculates how many hunters is that 1 or 10% when you don’t know how many players will participate in the mission altogether? It doesn’t seem right that it’s 1% of all players, so that means it’s really unfair. Can anyone explain me?

I think it just would go of how many participated in previous om and would make the 1% the average of the most re occurring number of participants

Why don’t they reveal rather the number that saying 1%? Because that is an uncertain number. On the other hand the number is very clear when you get or don’t get your reward right away.

It’s based on the completion rate of the previous mission, to my knowledge. I do agree that they should release the actual number. It tends to be around 100 for 1% and 1000 for 10%. 

If u have ever won an online mission then ur in 1% so Thats maybe 100 ppl and it increases Every om so Thats now maybe 80 ppl per om who get it

As they say 1% it should be of all the 1M people playing unless explained otherwise. It this way is so nontransparent and people could feel cheated when they’re said there’re no rewards left and no actual knowing of a certain number how many of them were there.

How do u know if u r in pool a or b?

Pool B = 1% group = if you have won a mission prize before during the current season (not counting from eggs). A = 10% group, if you haven’t won any during the current season.

Everyone is put back in A at the end of the season.

That still doesn’t answer my question, so who should I contact to give me this kind of information? I sent an email to support and they didn’t answer at all. This topic really concerns me and I’m very interested how they are going to explain.