Can we get a gem deal with this guy? I think the gem deals should be every festival lol. I know that won’t happen so let me dream. My boi Zeus just over there looking sexy doe. So we need a gem deal. Or sometime before he is released so I can cop that :gem:

A promotion at work to earn the extra money needed might be more feasible :wink:

P.S. I don’t know what the policy is on discussing monsters that haven’t been released yet but technically we shouldn’t know the movesets so probably best not to share anything or talk about them.


Can we get a pic of him??

There was a fan name campaign for it on our Facebook while ago.

We don’t encourage our players on discussing unreleased monster. For its skills may or may not change depend on the meta.

Ah nice. Thanks

Sorry @Dev_VKC I’m just excited. :smiling_imp:

Zeuswyrm looks amazing; I tip my hat to the artist who designed it.

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YuB likes Thunder. I Can’t blame him. It’s great. My only problem is Thunder is the only element without a pile of link moves. A bit unfair so I think he could be a link mon. Just hopes here

Cough on aniv. Cough

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We have had a lighting type monster in the anniversary, so I’m afraid Zeuswyrm won’t be another one.