Your Favorite Monster

With the global release right at the tip of our nose, let’s discuss our favorite monster that the developers have revealed!

Mine is Dreadwolf and Mossgolem.

My favourite is probably the Leviathan, closely followed by the Dreadwolf :slight_smile:

Ill check later if my fav is spoiled

… pearex/raptorex

That’s also my second favorite in the game. My top favorite is not released.

plasmorex out of revealed monsters, but theres many monsters I like more :slight_smile:

My favourite is Samuraice and Flamogun

Dreadwolf outta mine but again, there are others I dig more

For me, probably a three way tie:


My avatar (I don’t actually know this dude’s name, if anyone can tell me if that’s not too big a spoiler, I’d appreciate it)

A toucan-like bird that I saw in the release trailer, which looks awesome.

They are Firehearts. :slight_smile:

And aha! I know that one, but I don’t know how it goes, so… :confused:

++Once again sorry if I revealed too much information, but for goodness’ sake, it’s five days away and I’ve seen others share the names of unreleased monsters so… yeah. It won’t hurt, right ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wrong… *points developer cannon at* fire the binary cannon!!!

… Are you serious?


Oh… I was taking you seriously for a moment…

< not the brightest crayon in the box

Lolwut… :stuck_out_tongue:

Never take me seriously… unless i tell you too… at which point you should run…

hahahah thanks!

To be honest, I’d kinda guessed Fireheart anyway, because it is the suitable name given we have Coldheart for a pretty similar one.

I like Angelon and Seadile.

But if theres a fox monster show me it.Plz

That’s cuz you like Mozzy eh Brayde :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s see what mine will be Angelon.

Of any1 here from geomon,or has known me for a while here,should absolutely know that i love Mozzy more than just about anything.In geomon i made an account with it in the name.My avatar even is a Mozzy <3

well also like in Geomon I don’t have any particulair favo monster:P I just like everything thats exclusive

I loved Hamakua the most in Geomon, followed closely by Laurelix.