Wrong team

Why can’t you change your team after clicking online missions? I just realized I had left a training team on after clicking pyramids and wasting a key and just wasted 30 tickets. What is the reason that I’m not allowed to change while choosing a partner? Just curious.

u can, theres a little edit teams icon on the bottom right I believe

It won’t let you add monsters nor will it let you switch parties.

once inside a mission youre stuck with the monsters you havechosen yes. if that wasnt the case, some challenges annd dungeons would not work as they are supposed to if you could switch team when the one you use have lost monsters.

I unlocked pyramids with key, clicked on it, it offered me partners and I checked my team to make sure I had the right one. I didn’t, but I couldn’t change even though I hadn’t even entered it yet, nor could I back out. I don’t understand why this is a feature.