Why is the damage much lower?

Hi guys following situation in the current event I mentioned, that I deal much less damage vs vulnerable targets then my opponent does vs normal targets for example: Demolitron vs my Volcamus with Protkiller 3500 dmg, my Galvbane with protkiller Esapizeron 1500 and esa is water so the dmg is supposed to be much higher, I’m not getting the point how can I boost the dmg or why do I deal much less ? This question is just freaking me out xD pls help

the Ultimate challenge event opponent monsters have buffed stats… that’s pretty much it

Yeah the opponents at higher floors stats are all buffed including their health and defence

You can see the state of the Galvbane at around 1021 floors here. Now you should know how strong the buff is  :P ~~

lol the attack number doesn’t even fit

haha that’s awesome, also all those nebels though