Why doesnt Protector Killer or Assasinate effect Doomengine?

The question is in the topic.

I mean, Doomengine has an auto protect skill??

I mean it says: "…cause critical damage if target has a protective skill… " (or so)

Yeah shield entrance it is. So i would understand if only the first hit would not work. But the second protector killer is also a non critical hit

Doom engine the one with bloodclone next and 150 boom?
I dindnt remember he have protect

Shield entrance does not comply with the normal protect skills as it does not make a monster a protector it just prevents damage against it once when it comes in to battle so moves like protect killer or assinate will not hit it for that crit

It isn’t “protecting” anyone on its team, more so it’s just defending itself from the initial hit. It makes since that he doesn’t qualify as a protector.

ok i understand what you mean. but the protector killer skill doesnt say " i kill everything which is protecting other monster"…

it should provide a critical hit to a monster which has a protective skill, and “shield entrance” will protect the owner of the first hit. so its a protective skill…

By making sheild entrance weak to protect killer it would cause more trouble then good
Also it only protects against the first hit that’s it so waste a attack against it then kill it

You’re saying that frost rider and the holy type legend also should be weak to protector killer? I don’t really think it should be like that.

One thing though is that if it enters when an auto poison is on the field, and gets poisoned. That should be the damage that removes shield entrance, but as it is now, he will avoid the next attack as well.

I actually like the fact poison doesn’t remove it. It shouldn’t - otherwise we would just be promoting the already highly overused and overpowered poison legends in PvP

Yes, at least for first touch.

ok and why does protector killer doesnt work on cosmodragon? which has protect teammates?

It does it think I hit with a twinkiller

Cosmodragon indeed doesn’t trigger the skill Assassinate from Robinator. I assume it’s a bug. 

@Devs, can you confirm?

i have a question regarding shield entrance: does it only block active OR passive skills? i have a match against doomengine and cosmodragon’s death revenge missed on him. i also did an attack all skill but it missed as well. it kinda i missed an attack (active or passive) twice. im just wondering why lol. thanks. 

Shield negate attack once, every attack

but there was a time i have autopoison on the field and doomengine came in, so the auto-poison misses, after that i did an attack all (right after the auto poison missed) and it did miss as well. just wondering if it really works that way, like once for passive and active (so that counts as twice since it still my monster’s turn). im just confused lol. but thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Autopoison wouldnt break the shield but poison revenge can break it

hmm, they are both passive attacks, why can’t the auto poison break it? this is interesting haha.