Which monsters should I ultra evolve first?

I am posting my monster list in screen shots. Need help from experienced players.

the one next to the mythic.evolve it.

For pvp, I’d recommend Ziberious(the ice dragon). For pve, I’d recommend Chronozeros(the legendary that you get from the mission ‘Legend of Chronox’. I personally wouldn’t recommend Spectrophin unless you have a good strategy using it.

Yeah I don’t exactly remember the monster typings, but the phantom dolphin (Spectrophin when Ultra-Evolved) is only really worth it if you pair it with a phantom type ally. Apart from Plasmorex and Desiosaur, I don’t think there are other phantom-type monsters, so I’d advise you to wait a bit before evolving.

If you Ultra-Evolve Medbie, you can pull off a funny combo with Ziberius: the bunnies she summons self-destruct and Ziberius can use Double Retribution each time an ally dies.


As a general tip, I know nothing about Mythics, but this makes sense. Still, I would personally recommend Ziberious first. Blizzard is super fun, and double retribution is great. If you have more questions, refer to KD’s tier list.

Actually, Elysion is probably the best for pve. There’s nothing quite like a well timed Unwanted Friend to disrupt an opponent’s lineup.

never ultra evolve ur ziberois. always keep him in 2nd form.

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Go for Spectrophin it’s awesome in PvE specially with other Phantoms like Atrahasis but he can set up himself with his token

Never ever ue zib.Its value lies on its low cost cannibalize on it’s sec form
Chronozeroes is just not worth it after some time

Yes moreover the ingredients it takes it will take lots of time to collect and till then u will see that there is almost no use of it

Well Zib’s instant Slayerbane into double retribution is a pretty powerful combo if you get it off, I don’t see why you would limit yourself into using just the second form. I ultra-evolved it and I have no regrets at all. Besides the devs are working to make second form monsters nearly useless so chances are it’ll need to be evolved eventually anyway.

That being said, for you @DxRoyal , Spectrophin should definitely be the priority. Play it with a ghost-type and it will do great things for you!

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Go get yourself a galvbane

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8 cost vs 16 cost, also comes with no stun killer weakness (or the chance of that backfiring) and slightly tankier. It’s definitely one-dimensional in the second form because the damage is too low and there’s no instant slayerbane or the slow from blizzard but in most cases all you need is the cannibalise and the cost reduction is huge.

I evolved my Ziberius as soon as I got it simply because I don’t want to be that guy using an 8 cost cannibalise. I hope the devs nerf it, doing something like swapping cannibalise for death roulette.

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Thanks, Killerdog.

u can ultra evolve spectrophin and plumane…but mainly spectophin…and get yourself galvbane and wolfrozor and then ultra evolve them