Where is The shadow ocarina

Hey guys ! I heard there’s a shadow ocarina but no way, I can’t find it. Can anyone help me ?

Thanks a lot

It has once arrived at nazandal :wink:

Thanks a lot bro ! :slight_smile:

I found the +25% shadow ocarina (mortem pyran) but I saw people talking of a +40% one? Am I missing something? Ha

+40% can be found in Handal or in Lassandal, if I remember correctly.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The desert drop (+40% fire) is found in both of those locations, but I didn’t see a shadow ocarina. I too am looking for a +40%, but I have only thought there was a +25% for holy/shadow.

EDIT: Found it, its in Takran.

Derp, my bad! I knew one of those was there :pensive: