where is the new rare egg pool?

I am waiting for a long time, I am going to suffocate.


Maybe end haloween fes

You shouldnt eat your phone/tablet

Servers are down so i expect in one hour they will release the updated egg pool.

They never release an update on Saturdays and Sundays

Any update on this?

They advertised an updated rare egg pool for anniversary. But soon Halloween and anniversary is over. Something doesn’t fit with that announcement :joy:


I used 25 rare gems already because I need ducy and icefang for pvp. Got icefang and two new SE I wanted (link fire poison eater and botanic :dancer::dancer::dancer:)

@eNjiin yeah I know haha. I’m trying really hard to hold out for the change but am super tempted to spend. Do you think it’s worth it to wait or just spend? I still need duscy and atra

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@Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC it’d be nice to get some clarity on this. Ty

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I think they may have forgotten this announcement.

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They deliberately deleted it and did not respond to our inquiries . How many rare gems did you collect to wait for the rare update

I have already spent them. I have 60 rare gems before.

I have 81 ready to go

Same me , i spent 72 rare