Where dies big jaws spawn?


I really like shark monsters and i have sabreshark butnow i want bigjaws plz tell me where


I think I found him a step or two before wozon cave which is north of windon.

Edit:My mistake that’s scallotooth


Bigjaws? What is that?

If you mean megalorex, they aren’t in-game yet. Sorry. :c


I got an S-rank Megalorex from an egg but it keeps using devour v_v It wants to kill my team.


Well, egg-only… ^^;

Yeah, Megalorex is berserk, but it’s pretty powerful. Maybe add some weak arkadions in the back for it to chomp on.


Where can i find the pig, which i can Choose at the beginning??


http://www.hunterislandforum.com/index.php/forum/15-wheres-that-monster/ this will help!