What is the Infinite Dungeon?

I just finished the game, and all I know about it is that it is “infinite” and that it has a “bonus” floor at floor 10. What does that mean?

Could someone tell me the perks/things about the Infinite Dungeon that someone just starting it doesn’t know?


You get a gold egg every 10th floor starting at floor 9 if you defeat the robots on those floors.

You get a musical score every 10th floor starting at floor 10 just by entering the floor.

You will eventually see exclusive infinite dungeon monsters, but I can’t elaborate on this. 

I think that is when u reached Floor 150 or 200 or so


ID level 600

if you are higher than me i wanna know

im trying to find out who holds the title

Check the GC. It shows there who has gotten how far.


i just got to level 610 and didnt get a music note thing

do you not get them after level 600???

yYou will get them still for every 10 floors. You must’ve accidentally clicked too fast.

My GC doesn’t show anyone on floor 610, but if u said u were on floor 610 u have got 12 people above you. You can check that by clicking the bag icon on the bottom right corner of the game, then the bubble icon & choose Infinity Dungeon…