Infinite Dungeon

Is there anything besides Musical Scores in the Infinite Dungeon.? Just beat the game but seems pointless to play infinite Dungeon if all I receive are experience and Musical Scores

(And Golden Eggs). But come on, Musical scores are fantastic.

Musical scores gives u an extra place in ur team so how cant u love that and u can Also get golden eggs Before the boss

Does anyone know what floors check points are on

Brookw55, I was wondering the same thing myself.  They seem really inconsistent right now.  Maybe I am just not finding them.

Seems like the next checkpoint is always two floors higher than the number of floors required to find the previous checkpoint.

For example lets say you found a checkpoint at the third floor, then the next check point would be at floor 7 then 13 , then 21, then 31, then 43, and so on.

Alright cheers guys

There’s formula to it.

N^2 - 1

So example, the second waypoint will be 2^2 - 1 = 3

Third 3 ^ 2 - 1 = 8

Fourth 4 ^ 2 - 1 = 15


Thanks tajid thats really helpful =)