What do you want for Christmas?

Christmas is around the corner and parents are already bringing out the magical powers of a credit card. 

People are going into Wal Mart and buying gift cards for the app store… 

Lets get to the topic…

What do you want for Christmas?


(I want to beat the last arena guy)

Dude im afraid to Tell you but tjats a veeeeeery very sad wish… :wink: happy Christmas

I want at least one of these :

Frillzeon , Charcalynx, Stegospike, Vulcawolf or Bloodclaw without timing eggs !!! 

Second wish if first one doesn’t reach Santa on time:

The new world map event ( said to be in the next update ) Is large and gives me new arkadions to catch and enough time to play or do quests! 

Having that said I want to wish u a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

One word PS4

Spoiled :P 

No just kidding , I bet that nobody here never ever wishes for world peace or no racisme or things like that:P

All very selfish hahaha

Presents for mee >:)

I could actually use some holiday cash. I’m short on cash and I need it for gas money next month >.> I know… boring. Also, super sculpey would be nice to try out my scuplting skills with pokemon characters :slight_smile:

I once when I was 8  I think I didn’t play games for a whole year which makes me wonder how I survived haha, but thats how i GOT IN TO YUGIOH 

I wish the world was perfect but thats never going to happen

I doubt that ill get it its sold out everywhere except amazon for a day

but I have a strange feeling 

Pretty much. I used to wish for world peace and actually started folding paper cranes when I was young, but I stopped that. The world is a very diverse place, ya know?

On topic, I don’t really want anything anymore. Last year, I really, really wanted a camera. And I got it. So… uh…

I wish I could draw birds anatomically correct < that was a lame wish

But if I could, you bet I’m going to draw them all the time and hang them in my room. It’d be one of the things I’d be borderline arrogant about. “LOOK AT THIS BIRD I DREW IT’S SO CUTE HDSJKAHSDKFJ”

Like that.

But you know. Wishing for self-improving isn’t going to make me improve any, haha! xD

Oh Dear kookaset, WHY MUST YOU WISH TO DRAW BETTER YOU ALREADY AWESOME AND IVE SEEN SOME OF YOUR DRAWING IN THE ART THREAD AND THEY ARE FREAKIN AWESOME SO YOUVE ALREADY ACHEIVED THAT WISH! =D on topic merry christmas everyone! And what i want for christmas is also to beat the final arena match :c its so hard! And also for a egg only ark or for the world map increased in size and more awesome catchable arks =)

My birds, though

They are okay I suppose but they aren’t anatomically correct. That’s what I want. Amazing pictures of birds in my room, drawn or photographed, and because I have literally four different kinds of birds to photograph, drawing realistically is good for those missing species

Ah, might as well wish for a bird photography book then. :o

I just want an Orbling. It’s just a 5.5 star, so it’s not being greedy n.n


Lol that would be cool since you REALLY love birds =)

Using a bird field guide does wonders for learning how to draw birds. There’s usually a diagram in them that shows the different parts of a bird and how they look on different kinds of birds.

Really and truly dont want anything, Im happy for what I have even though its nothing much and if i would want anything it would be a new laptop but besides that im happy how i is.

Nothing i’ll leave everything for the kids

Don’t want anything lol.