Uploading pics straight to forum?

I know this is immpossible currently amd i would like to upload photoes but i dont have dropbox (which i should get but still) and i dont think its fair you have have dropbox or anything like that just to upload so im asking the devs to consider this for forum

Tinypic, get the link and it gives you the one for forums. So can post images.

I’m hoping this is what you mean. If not sorry kitty xD

I dont really understand u? U can just upload pics from ur files?

There is an option to upload pictures from your files. At the top of the reply box theres a “my media” Button that is it.

Yes fly i do mean post pics but you need the link and for screenshots there is no link DX so i cant post them, and i dont have anything that can give pics a link

Download the Photobucket app :slight_smile: you upload pictures to it and it gives you a link.

Ok i think ill try that