How do I change my picture?

I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with the game itself, but I tried to change my forum picture, but when I select it, it just shows the default, and when I hit done, nothing changes. What’s going on?

Most likely problem is that it’s in the wrong format. Easiest way to fix it would be to upload it to imgur and then use the link they provide. If that doesn’t work then I’m out of ideas, but that’s what worked for me at least. 

Now it says, “could not save file specified”…

Met la en URL en hébergent ton image sur un hébergeur tu vas sur Google puis tu entre l’url et tu importe

“Put the URL in your host image on a web host you go on Google and you between the url and you import”

Ah, I had to copy the image directly. All this time I’ve been trying to get a link. Not the one I originally wanted, but it’ll do.