Unlisted things..

Hey all ,
So I had to uninstall the game for like a week now to concentrate on other stuff and installed it again today to play some pvp… 2 things that I noticed after reinstalling :

  1. Why does the game ask me if it can access my contacts and gallery?

  2. The Intro music gives me chills and brings back memories when I started the game with much excitement and when I re-rolled for delugazar. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :relaxed: Its just so mythical and soothing… ( Game sounds are usually turned off so I get to listen to the music when reinstalling )

Share your unlisted opinions/likings/questions about neo!


When I came back to neo last year, Ik there would be gems waiting, the feeling when I saw all the gems I got (cant recall how many but enough for a pack and more), it was like a different feeling; very welcoming.
PS the returners log in bonus wasnt implemented as yet

This was one of the things that I always looked forward to, when leaving for a while, (i played on and off a lot from whence I started hehe)

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Lol I never quitted. But I do know the feeling. Cuz I quitted for like 2 -3 months on other acc. Returning was cool. Something different

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I’ve been uninstalling and installing the game for the past few years. Most of the time was because I never used to hatch legendaries (that was when 5 gems per hatch). I also modded one of my accounts back in the day for de age fruits and silver and team cost, then I installed the original app over it and I could have used unlimited stuff, though that wasnt enough, I ended up modding for capture uncapturable, thats when my beloved devs nuked me. For the past weeks I kept sending apology emails and I eventually gave up. I started back last year again because I missed the strategy and assisted attack sounds quite a lot and since then, I havent uninstalled.


You naughty little boy you!

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I have a feeling the devs wouldnt have caught me if I didnt install the uncapturable mod and captured out all those legendaries that you couldnt even put in a team.