For this PVP should I evol ziberos, drakuleus, or Nighthorse?

Drak would go well with my galliodragon, but I keep hearing amazing things about ziberos tho I have been underwhelmed by him

I think you should evolve the first one.he is one of the best PvP monster.it is better then sivadragon and nightlord

What about ziberos vs necrowing? I don’t have leo so I assume my ziberos is weaker as I am open to stun teams, and If I use a protector ziberos is a free kill for robinator.

None of the top players uses Robin.And Robin cannot possibly kill ziberius cause they are opposite elements.

What FL are you running, many frontliners are ZIBER,TT(legend), Death revenger, Midas/Chrono you also want to mimic but it depends on the strat you will use

I have a front line with NR currently, using leg TT. I also have Midas, but haven’t fully upgraded chrono I am waiting to see what the nerf is.

Have evolved him today after receiving 2 missing potions for +9

Really hope that wont nerf him to much to make it useless since much time and resources were spent on him

And I pray that nerf of fastrike wll be compensated with HP pull

Ziberius is amazing in PVP. Don’t let his PVE damage discourage you. His canabalize can be awesome in the right situations, then his double retribution will 1-shot 2 opponents and finally when he dies, he stuns. But really his canabalize on the front line is something lol