Training Dojo Level 06 (Normal)

What is the trick for the training dojo level 06
For me it’s logic to put everyone on flames to unlock the feature « Flammenmeer » of one of my heroes. But after using it I’m just loosing :frowning:
Any ideas would be very welcome

The way i did was:

  1. Ignite youre first hero on the right then skip youre next hero ( The one with flammenmeer ) turn. The youre first hero will have his turn again use attack all.
  2. Then use flammenmeer on the middle enemy and the one with gaurd ability. Then you will take a few hits.
  3. You should get to use flammenmeer again on the remaining monsters after you tank the hits and that should win you the fight.
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Very strange… I was sure I also tried that :frowning:

That did no help at all plus mine is English