Tort, geo, gazer egg

@Killerdog (or anyone else for that matter) from a F2P gem optimization standpoint, is this tortgiest egg worth pulling on in your opinion? Or should I save for Christmas/New Years?

I know alot of these monsters are crazy good. Not sure if it is worth pulling with the 4% though

I’m always hesitant when it’s 4% chance for a legendary and no limited mythic featured. However, Deathgazer and Geomagnus are great for PvP and Tortogeist is great for PvE.

When I’m in doubt I always take a look at the numbers…
Assuming you don’t care about Skeleviathan and you want any of the above three your chance for a legendary being one of them is 30/83.
Chance for a legendary is 1/25.
1 / (30/83 / 25) = 69.17 eggs

So on average you’ll need to get 7 packs to hatch one of them, costing you 280 gems. Getting a specific one has a much lower chance because they’re part of four being featured and the normal egg pool is bigger (32 -> 43 monsters).

It depends on the monsters, but I don’t like to roll if the average is going to be over 300 gems. Close to 200 gems is what I like and if it’s below that then I definitely like to roll (only happens in festivals).

If spending roughly 280 gems for one of these monsters sounds good to you then do it. However, if that’s a bit steep considering you’ll get fewer legendaries overall (4%) and no limited mythics then save your gems for another time.

P.S. My technique for rolling on an egg like this is spend gems until you hatch one of the featured you want then stop. The chance of you getting one of the other two drops too low that it’s a good place to stop. Also, if your gem supply drops too much then stop. If you have one of the featured already then this egg is probably not for you, not worth it without the 6.1% chance to try and go for the others.


Great post and advice KD!

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Just to be clear though, this is a good egg and should be properly considered. For me, as a very careful F2P I try to only go for the very best eggs for me which is why I’m hesitant. I think if the mythic was a limited one then I’d probably throw a few gems at it to see if I get lucky. Anything up to 300 gems for a new legendary is definitely good too.

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Yes thank you @Killerdog, super helpful. I really want Tort or Gazer but don’t want to throw my gems away. Really wish this was a higher legend rate

I’d love a Geo. so simply but so much you can do with it

Even me I didn’t push much for this egg, I already have all the legendaries featured but as KD said there is no limited mythic featured too.
In those cases fix a gem budget and if you want to try the luck go with it. The pool of monsters is more than worth!