Top of monster

hello everyone I would like to classify the monsters of clans by the power and it would be good if everyone could enter their opinion too

1- in number 1 I put the Gf they are abused Phew when they are together you have on the one hand jasmine who is tanky and who absorbs the stun and on top of that little heals the other fairies and with the fairy of the forest which sweeps very well and that of darkness which is ultra powerful and all the restthey don’t all have a murderous weakness apart from fire and lightning but they are surely the most powerful clan in the game without forgetting that they heal themselves a little bit, it’s incredible and difficult to beat

2 - in 2 we have the dolphins who have for many been a source of victory because of their passive defenses being immune to stuns they really hurt in particular doolphone and junglefliper, and spectrophin the most individual of them doolpheeze if he has no targetis useless but today in PvP where there are a lot of chrono monsters it really hurts, doolphenix can be easily against but does not prevent all of them together they are a real torture to fight but I put them lower than the gf

in third it will be a little complicated to decide between the fd, gd, and cw and the aces but in third I will put the

3 - as they are very powerful and moreover it is the largest clan in the game they all have powerful attacks without forgetting their king the very powerful Poseidon which makes them even more powerful

4 - the fd, well I put them in this place. because of the overpower of fd maeve, with the blue fd it’s a good combination and fd Clover is super powerful in fact they are all very powerful individually and together it’s their strengths hence their place

5- gd the dragon goumi I knew them at the time of the special rules where they should not have mythical and legendary and it surprised me they are incredibly powerful and super tanky and more to be immune to stuns and in addition the fact that they can invoke protectorsit’s annoying but I still put them lower than the others

6- the cw who have the particularity of being difficult to face and very strong with piercing kills but they depend far too much on others if you manage to anticipate them well you can beat them since they are silent to become strong

7 - thulg the thulg are really powerful only together which disadvantages them but together they make a real carnage but if you know who is who you counter them easily really easily where to place it

8- the pyramids well I don’t know them well but the fact that it recharges between them is very powerful they are really very strong but I don’t think it is better than those mentioned above

9 - Ed I don’t know them but I watched a video on Youtube where Etdubs used them and they are good but not enough

if you don’t agree you can tell me where i’m wrong i don’t know them all very well what i know are the fds thanks to fd maeve and i have them all, the thulgs i had them almost all, and the aces I had 5, a goumie and 2 cw for the others I base myself on my fightsand experiences and the monstrodex

it would be great if everyone could do their ranking


I don’t gonna read that.

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But you have a point

how can you know if i’m right if you don’t read i don’t really understand​:thinking::thinking:

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Just one question
If GF are so overpowered like you Say
Why i never saw a top 10 with GF?


Simple, all skill goes bye bye when you use GF



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Maybe they prefer bf(birthday fairy)than gf

I really laugh of stuff like that
You ever play a GF Team? GF are strong,yes, but is not easy to use
Example: with the last banners they appear together a few times, so,many peoples got they
So,why all those guys start to use they,and change team after? To the actual day,no one GF team beat me


Cause ur s+ spam and poison broken combo,not for the GFs

Look who answer
The guy who got top 1 with a Gift account,using only S+ Monster
Same guy who play his account with team thinked by other users
And even that,never is top 10 :smile:

yo it is said that it was my opinion it is not absolute hence the fact that I said that those who had different opinions about their top

I said that gfs are strong because of those who use them very well like for example
@Dmg Coltraz and are hard to beat I never said that we could be a top 10 with

The list was just mons which are part of a type bro .
Definitely GFs are best when u compare it to
CWs, EDs , PGs , GDs , thlugs etc .
About the meta in general i do not think GFs are that strong speed of 50s , everyone is stunnable except Holy , tanky , camo mons are all around .

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Coltraz strong team is not GF
The strongest part of Coltraz team is his Fire Link

CW is to OP cause kill everything and have a blood Fury or blood thirst in less then 60 secs and broke Shield and Hold Ground also denie revenge

Ed,pg,GD are too shitty,i agree

Thlugs if enemy don’t have sleep counter or Purify
You have a highest chance to lose

Dolphs still with stun inmune and also 50% buff attack or defense

So GF is not that strong
Also,the only who hold an attack is Jasmine,all other GF died with only one attack so well
I don’t see GF that strong,they are strong,i agree, but not OP like a lot of guys Say :laughing:

Gf are good counters yo stun sleep stealth poison , sleep , but against monsters that dont have weakness they are meeh , they are also meeh against CW or AP spam , also once jasmine is killed they can be stun locked

So,GF is strong,but slow,and weak to stun if you kill or send back Jasmine

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Yes and they are too slow

Crystal worms are stupidly easy to beat if you know how they function and where their weak points are. While I don’t think GFs need a nerf right now, it’s pretty clear your bias is heavily clouding your views on certain strategies