What’s the tickets for?! :open_mouth: If you could claim Gold eggs, how many tickets do we need :O 

Tickets are for pvp and online missions

Yeah for pvp and online mission tough im not aware on how They work

At the moment you don’t really need them because you have an initial x amount (300-500 I think) and then 60 more. Once the initial amount goes down the remaining 60 is all you have. Every time you do OM or PvP (haven’t tried PvP but pretty sure it’s the same) you use 2 tickets. If you got less than 60 tickets then the timer will start and you’ll slowly replenish tickets over time up to maximum of 60. I’m not 100% sure this is how it works but I haven’t even used up all my initial tickets yet. 

Me neither and u can just buy them in shop