This game really hates me


What’s your hero rank ask for help in team building section for ur team may be u are lacking something in ur team

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Maybe you just got over HR 100 and are now being matched against a wider pool?

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It’s probably his lack of ses in this rule…or wrong decision makings._.

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I feel even worse for mukul lmao


My hero rank is 130 . The problem is I don’t have good SE’s

Nope. I already had passed that situation

U are true about 1st point. And me don’t get a chance to make a decision. Cuz my team is stunned to hells

That was close call. Bitterbeast saved me. He was having leo, angel, dusi. In his team. And orca killed them that’s it he became a prey

You forgot to GG @Mukul_Baghel


Would you like any help? :blush:

Lemon rn " dai jobu…naje da? …otashiba kita '.
(Correct my spelling if i am wrong… watched hero academia long ago LOL)

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I am pretty sure you have them,but you not evolve them.