The devs really like to make us grind and wait...

1399 points…

Gonna be a real grind to get that 1 more point… I mean wait.

1399 points…

Gonna be a real grind to get that 1 more point… I mean wait.

Ahmm what’s your point… also damm 45 victories and only 1.4k VP…Im getting 200 vp per victory, hope you get more next pvp as well.

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I’m at 49 wins for 5k points. It really depends on wins in a row and beating players with higher vp

I’m beating guys around the 900 VP mark and getting <32 VP per battle. Something must be wrong with my game. :frowning:

I’m getting 100 vp beating people with 5k vp. You have to win a lot in a row to jump by a lot of vp

You get more vp if you play against top tiers players. It doesnt really matter how much vp your opponent have, but the tier he is in and how much wins in a row he has (this information doesnt showed to the player him self nor other players).

The first time I playedpvp before all my legends were evolved I had to 172 wins to get to 5500. The second time I only needed 80 wins because I had more legends evolved and had a higher win ratio. Now that most of my legends are evolved I only need 55 wins. I’ll probably top out needing 40 wins to hit that point next pvp because I’ll have maxed out the potential my monsters have simply because I don’t have deep pockets to buy gems with

been getting min 206 points per win reached 10k+ in 49 wins 

Looks like I need better matchings. I get either very easy or very hard (team with full blown legends). So my winning streak is like 1 or 2. :frowning:

You get similar opponents as your own level more or less. If you will win against the hard battles you will climb up against more of these level and even harder - but get rewarded with more vp.

And the tier won’t reset. So most of players will find VP is easier to get in the next PvP events.

Thanks Dev VKC

Yes, very nice feature of this new PvP system. 180VP from my first win gave me 4 gems! I’m glad people have now seen that to be high on the leaderboard it’s less about grinding and more about having a good team.

Also, sorry for ever speaking against the idea of re-introducing tickets. I now see that the 12 ticket restriction with 30 min re-stock time is just to stop people retreating all the time to grind an easier tier. I can’t find a single flaw with this new PvP system. Congrats! :smiley: