The actual meanings of GG

The actual meanings of GG on the Neo forum.

GG = Good game. This is genuine.

GG = Good game ( it wasn’t, but i’m just acknowledging our game)

GG = Huuuuge flex (haha I beat you, this is going on my resumé)

GG = I want the whole forum to know that I beat you. (I’m also in talks with radio stations and should be on the Ellen show any day now)

GG = The opening sentence allowing me to discuss how my masterful plan unfolded to everyone (and how I’m so clever I could probably get a Nobel peace prize, if it wasn’t for my noble dedication to Neo.)

GG = Good game, but i’m bursting to tell you I was testing/ team building and it wasn’t my “best” team. (As you can see i’m incredibly sore when I lose.)

GG = it wasn’t a good game and I don’t really mean it, this is just the opening sentence for me to let you and everyone else know that I lost due to some RNG.

GG = Good game. (Actually it’s my first good game against you because I finally managed to win, even though you spanked me 100s of times and I said nothing)

GG = I’m going to include a token sentence about your team, so that I can swiftly move on to mine.

GG = Gary’s gynaecologist


You pretty much covered them all. If I think of others I’ll post here. btw, I miss all your GG posts. You used to be the GG Lord! I haven’t seen you in PvP the last few days…

Mine are all genuine though, hope you’re not implying otherwise :innocent:

had some stuff to deal with as of late so I haven’t been on much recently :confused:

Hehe :face_with_monocle:

Didn’t think you were :wink:



GG @LemonSqueezy
I was AOEspam. It was a cliffhanger!
:stuck_out_tongue: Nah for real though, no more SE Teams ok? I need to get beaten by top players to prepare for ranked.

Lol we definitely haven’t played, but looking forward to when we do!

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Lol I thought that might have been you. I don’t remember the match though :pensive: My SE team has been going well over all! Twiggy is making it hard though

It was more sarcastic, a random gg after 1728 gg definitions from u :joy:

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Gg on this topic

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GG! It’s definitely true though right?

Actually GG means gastro gargoyle

I do GG when I lose too.


Yeah because you surrendered after seeing the FL. The annoying thing about unranked is I don’t know if I’m playing against people’s top teams. I mean with your SE teams it’s obvious you are playing around… I think your regular team will beat my current one. But I can’t make improvements without testing!

I find myself changing things up during ranked these days.

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Ah I think it was bloom and stag etc. Tbh I don’t know what I’ll run next season. The Team Turn nerfed has still screwed me, because AP spam came straight after so I just countered that, but now my old FL doesn’t work and there is no established meta to counter (which I quite like tbh) and I don’t have a wide enough pool of mons to have a lot of options at Front Line. Hoping to get some big wins from the anniversary and be able to try something knew :crossed_fingers:t2:

It’s good that you change things up during ranked. Tbh you don’t really know how good your team is until ranked so making subtle changes is good

My FL had Aurodragon, bloom, stag and Dolph. It’s not the fastest FL but is reasonable.

Nice! I wish I had those guys. Bloom is particularly useful because it’s one of the only ways to deal with stun without a clear weakness. That and Emeraldont