Hey everyone , so how did everyones thanksgiving go ? :slight_smile: mines went great definitly wasnt the same anymore though .


Well, aside from the fact my chickens almost became victim to a dog, good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still angry at the dog though. <_<

It… Was… Boring!
It had tasty turkeys.

Wow Kooka I’m sorry about your chickens.

Mine was good, nothing to exciting but good.

Lmao wow man thats crazy , your dog wanted some chickens haha


Yeaa same here dude , its was ok .

Took advantage of the cheaper golden eggs and got a vulcawolf

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as I don’t live in America or born their.

It was a neighbor’s dog haha

We barely celebrated Thanksgiving, but it was a day, so I read it as… 

How’d your day go?

Haha. My mom just used that as an excuse to make me come down and eat (I eat off schedule ;P)

My thanksgiving can be described in one word…


That dog must be really lost, its thanks giving your supposed to eat turkey XD lol

We do not eat our chickens. That would be like eating your cat.

I was jk


Though my excuse for not eating turkey is because my family’s culture has a superstition that if you eat turkey… you will gain wrinkles a lot faster

(yes, you can laugh. <_< )

Happy thanksgiving from Japan

That looks SOOOO delicious :’(

Yeah i want some i loooooooooooove shrimp

I’m allergic to shrimp :c BUT I LOVE NOODLES.


Next time I make my homemade Miso Ramen, I am so 1 upping that picture =P

Then I will just go to the Sushi-go-round to one up that