Teambuilding w/ Oakthulhu Hell Mode

So I recently got Oakthulhu and I’m not sure where to put it in my team. I’m currently at the first half of chapter five in hell mode. Any other suggestions for my team would be appreciated.

Putting it before Goldtail is a risk that Gold won’t start firing

You have the framework for a decent poison lead

I would say Oakthulhu is not suited to your hell mode team. It’s not good for most teams hell mode teams.

The only time it has a place there is if you’re using other poison monsters (you’re not). The poison that works in hell mode is very limited… just things like Maggatsuoh (the bomb) or Atlantyrant (epidemic) and then Oakthulhu for the stun.


What type of poison lead? The damage is quite limited in hell mode.

That’s what I figured. Do you have any tips in general for my team? I generally start twighoul in the frontline, but if I don’t win the first time I swich it up accordingly. That also goes for soulstealer and goldtail so I can get the timing right and kill the necessary monsters to pull it off.

Sowry didn’t actually read your first post :joy:

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oh lol I gotta detox blast their fl. In the meantime, I can use my trusty omegasdragon from hunter island to poison eater their leogeist :crazy_face: