Team Building Help For F2P Player Please!

Hi, I’m a F2P player and I’m having some trouble coming up with a good line up for PVP and PVE. My team is shown below and if you have suggestions for either PVP or PVE, let me know! Thanks in advance!

Hello. I’m a F2P player. Make a PvP team first and i’ll add suggestions and amendments etc

I’m not really good at using proper strategy in this game and I’m not certain of what’s good or not in pvp and what’s good or not in pve so can you give a starting recommendation lineup of around 4 mons and a strategy, and I’ll try to build a team from there?

If you can evolve mons I’d run a dark assist team canibilize Astro with Azra, then necro him back if you can.

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So i ultra evolved my huskie and my panlong into zhulong and I’m putting zhulong next to some dark mons and bazilogon for stealth all and I’m working on ultra evolving my azras. Are there any recommendations of what I can replace for my noxdragon because I’m having cost issues. Also, any other recommendations?

The moji is just there because i had an extra spot for a one cost mon and I can use it for husking’s show of might

I really like that idea so I’ll put cosmodragon next to azras once I ultra evolve him