Team Building Help for episode XX

I really need some help with team building specifically to get past Episode XX (frontline: Ashterios, Crimseias, Lavaronix, Deodragon) I’ve attached my monster lists up to super epic, any help would be appreciated! I have ultra evolve materials and secret skills unlocked for most legends, + 2 ocarinos.

What’s fun in someone else building a team for u. It takes away the very core enjoyment of this game :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

PS: Couldn’t resist saying it anymore !

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@Professor_Oak it doesn’t undermine the enjoyment factor to ask for help, it can actually enhance the playing experience as I have tried for about 3 months to get past this level and have finally given up and asked for help as I believe a different perspective may be the key to advancing further into the game so I can continue to enjoy the game.


But u got to show us enemy line up for us to help ! None of us remember what is episode xx

Try Oniblade, Bunker, Diredemon and a stun absorber. Maybe Pupupa in 5th

@LemonSqueezy ready tried that, also tried it with hiberzor, that strategy doesn’t work

Show them enemy lineup

Complete lineup of other team:

  1. Ashterios
  2. Crimseias
  3. Lavaronix
  4. Deodragon
  5. Moltenpede
  6. Emeraldont
  7. Timberlord
  8. Grovodeus
  9. Gnashjaw
  10. Tricranium
  11. Chamilizard
  12. Sanctistag
  13. ??? (I think it might be Terragar)

All enemies have like a 1.5x or 2x stat boost as well (at least in health)

Sorry about the repeat of 6, 7, and 8 IDK how to reformat

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The team I’ve had most luck with is this lineup

I designed it mainly just to deal with the start… except the stuns only work on Ashterios, the time freeze stops lavaronix from using team turn

Ah it doesn’t work because of the Keeper dragon. I would still use OoO to deal with the start.

Oni, Bunker, Valza and Stun absorb.

OoO, take out 2 guys with dreamhunt and Bunker. When the keeper comes in and poisons everyone, knock 2 back with with Bunker, use Valza to poison drain the remaining 2 monsters.

OoO again with Oni. Now you’re poisoned and the enemy is not it’s 4 on one.


instead of Valza use Pupupa in the FL, by the time the poison comes in you can summon the Moth, knock 2 back, kill the other 2 poisoned with the Moth, OoO again. With the Moth, Bunker and Leo awake you should be able to win from there.

You forgot that Ash already has Insomnia so it can just purify directly

Ah yeah of course. Ok scrap that!

Midasdragon , bunkerbeast , chronozeros , leoronix , Bundleblazer , steamhawk ,stun bomb, husking , stun clone legendary horse, water snake SE stunner , Moth , the rockoid , team turn, shinobidragon , oniblade , arbogerias or something with death curse.

So ur Midas will go before enemy Phoenix . Load mortar , team turn , remove deodragon using bunker and remove lavaronix using Chrono faststrike .
Bundle blazer - keep skipping till u can pass curse it .
Steamhawk - use it to stall enemy or repulse and charge it’s blood thirst .
Stun bomb , bring husking in and time crush double . Show of might on the horse clones . And so on…

Or they can skip turn and let Ash use Attack All and then use One-on-one. It worked for me.

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I will try both of those ways, starting with @LemonSqueezy and then @Professor_Oak suggestions. Thanks so much, will let you know what happens

Man my game is getting ruin losing interest by this battle never lost any battle but this ■■■■■ let me lose everytime help me select team here I’ll let you some pic’s.

Dude, seriously?

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Nice collection. What’s your friend code, maybe we can help you out?

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It’s hacked lmao look closer at his collection