Survival of the fittest 2.0

I have defeated 33 adversaries and did not receive the monster awarded on the 30th win. What can I do to get it?

I have made 92 wins but now it shows 0 wins ,I refreshed 2,3 time then also it shows 0 wins, I palyed 1 match to check that it shows my wins or not but when I won and saw the it was still 0 wins not also 1 win my tickets are just wasted and also time I was only needed 18 wins more for 4 gems but my tickets are just being wasted because of this issue please fix it fast…
Also Free gems too :grin::grin::grin:

Now it is OK
Everything is fine

Hey i didnt get my monster too and I win 43 times … so i thought maybe when the event is over i will get diverbot. now the event is over and still dont get my monster :S

Message the devs. Press the contact us button in the game in the top left corner.