Problem With Reward


Hello! My name is Eduardo. I had a problem with the actual event Survival of the Fittest 3.0

I got my undred (100) victory and I never got my reward (Ocarine). It was a error of the game. Please I need help, what can I do.

Greetings for everybody.


Hello Eduardo,

I am very sorry for the issue. Could you please do me a favor contact our support team with your account informations via the following mail address? They will compensate you asap.

Friend Code
In game name
Hero Rank
Restore Code

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Ok. Thanks. I will send the dates to you right now.


Also dont spam makinv threads regarding the same topic

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I just sent the mail there. I hope answer asap.
Thanks again


Thanks to everybody. The support reply to me and I got the reward right now.

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