Super power up event underwhelming

More like: here’s a small bonus so you can recoup keys today. I understand restricting omegamids and vorabooks, etc, but with a 40 ticket cost on super age fruits and super silver mines, why lock it to one completion? The xp is not game breaking. The super age fruit is only slightly more optimal than regular age fruits for the ticket investment.

For 45 tickets you get at minimum 9 de age fruits. USUALLY you’ll get 1-2 more. That’s 30 training sessions.

For super age fruit you get a guaranteed 30 sessions with a high chance of more fruits from the small battles.

Is this so broken as to only allow 1 completion every 16 days? Hell no. I think you should get a completion per day on age fruits and silver mines. So 4 total completions of each every 16 days. Keep the other aspects the same I don’t mind those- especially since you get omegamids and other UE resources in other events.


considering how common this event is, it seems like the current method is suitable. i understand where you are coming from with this complaint but you have to consider how often this event is shown.

if is was as rare as balancion then sure, but a guaranteed monthly event shouldn’t have a vast increase in rewards.

It’s an old-school event aimed at giving new players a helpful boost. A free rare ingredient, boost in silver/fruit and some easy exp. To be honest, both fruit and silver are easy to get from the regular missions. It’s just annoying for brand new players because they can only complete them a few times each time they use a key.

Like Jamiehammell said above, I think due to the regularity of this event coming out (every 16 days) it’s fine being one-time entry on each mission. This event used to come once every month in the past.

Hey guys,

Thank you for the feedback.
We will make the Silver and De-aging Fruit missions in Super Power-Up event be playable once a day during the event period.

This change will be implemented in the next Super Power-Up event.

Thank you.


You made me realise that’s what his request was. I thought he was asking for unlimited entries. Glad to hear you’re making it entry once a day, that sounds great! @Dave1029 Sorry for not realising what you were asking.

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Omg… Farming ingredients is finally gonna be lot less painful … great news !

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Fantastic news! Thank you @Dave1029 for this suggestion!

Are you part of the devs?

Hi prof. Are the devs people part in here? Like this killerdog? Just asking

Dev_( ) are in game development team…
Killerdog is a forum moderator . :slight_smile:

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