SOTF cost reduction

I did a quick math and looks like there is no way to arrive to level 150 without using gems to refill tickets… In fact, depending the hero level you are those can be a lot of gems (considering not loosing any match). I believe ticket cost should be lower… maybe 10 and not 15. The only time I finished this event was when there was a campaing of tickets regeneration in 5 minutos

In January they gave 5 extra days for the event. In march they did the ticket regeneration event. Otherwise I believe it’s always been impossible to reach 150 without spending gems.

You need to use 7gems a minimum with 100 tickets to be able to reach 150

I don’t believe they worth…

That depends on your luck on rare eggs!!! :smiley:
If your luck is like mine,no they don’t worth a bit.
My last 3eggs were SE dupe!!! It is verrrrrrry disturbing!!

F2P Arash

I hatched 4 rare eggs:
SE tk
SE protect focus

What ever the luck is,devs releasing this event knowing that it can’t be done without spending is BS


Just use some of the gems they give you as a reward through the event (18 total). You do not have to break your f2p motto.

I know what to do with my gems thanks for the tip,its not about F2P or P2W,its about the idea of an event that can’t be done without spending gems which is not an acceptable thing to be done by devs,150 battle is too much and they know that

I agree, I’m not F2P… but I don’t consider good that this event has to be a must to spend gems to finish it

Although the base of your talks is not nice but it is acceptable.I agree with you about your idea,but We need to see all players not ourselves and that’s why my brother-in-arm asked this.when you compare SOTF with IC,where every players have a chance to even reach 300 and get rare gems,this will be more unacceptable.
Right now there are 2major problems in this game and SOTF is one of them.(it was three and DC was one of them too but devs fixed it with touch and shortcuts)
We wants to see some nice actions about SOTF too. :wink:

F2P Arash

I personally think that the event is fine.

You are converting a few regular gems to rare ones. That’s all and that is fine. Not worth complaining about.

Spent 2 gems so far and at 90 wins now
4 days to go
60 wins needed for 150
60×15=900 tickets needed
8 refills even more
This event is so good

Now we get three free gems from challenges which can be helpful in SOTF thanks to the devs

Hope you manage to get there. I stopped at 120 as got bored of it. Kept getting the same team reappearing again and again.

Thanks I am at 108 now,and it won’t go further than that,its a glitch I think,I will wait for devs to fix it as i t happened before,I think I have reached 110 and I didn’t get the gems cuz it counts only 108 wins

I just beat 90. Wouldn’t let me claim rewards even though my internet was fine. I then re did the mission and only got 1 gem. Unless it somehow gave me 2 before without it saying so then gave me 1. Otherwise it glitched and I only got 1

I got the gems as well,after finishing 108 which had no gems as reward,on my other account I got a gem when I opened the app
Free gem I will take it