SOTF 100 Cost Limit Team

With the beginning of a different sort of Survival of the Fittest, I thought it would be fun and beneficial to others if we shared our teams.

Remember we have to have a minimum of ten monsters and a maximum cost of 100. So, who are you using?

Here’s my team: (Cost 100, Monsters 11)
Aurorodragon, Atrahasis, Lordsreign, Chronozeros, Vegiboa, Blightwrym, Phantomaiden, Bazilogon, Blitzdragon, Thunderfox, Breezehawk

Interesting new twist

Went for assisted fl thn sleep

Why Noe changing drakz to oni? After one-on-one from frost you can easily bring him in for rainy day :wink:

F2P Arash

True but less control and protection(From = knock back/double repulse/sleep killer etc.)- purifying mist- cleans up sleep and protects from AOE

And gives Leo time to charge off the mon left awake

The only problem I have with this SOTF is that the reward monster has changed from 30 victories, to 40 victories. I noticed they also did this with the previous SOTF.

No worries, it’s a shitty mon.

Assisted water team FL then sleep

The event se is good, retribution is imo better than slayerbane. Retribution is good with Doomengines.

He isn’t that good,just compare him with other prizes,like blitz or shinobi or frost rider or dierdemon or …
Even crypt is better than him,since crypt is key monster in UC.I hope devs put back those awesome SE in prize again.

F2P Arash

nope, ogremaster is sh*t

Ogremaster really is a bad reward and I would have given this event a miss but I want an Ocarino.

This is mine!

The top ranker is at 170.
Now how can that happen as the rewards close at 150?

you can continue from 150

For your information, that dude is legit :o


ye but what’s the point on going over 150? Is there anything over it?

Maybe the joy of being at the top of the list lol idk I wouldn’t waste my time or tickets on that

Maybe he thought that there are crown for the top 50,cuz we have a top 50 rank in SOTF