Showdown Tower should have ticket requirement reduced

At 10 tickets per entry, I think it’s way too much considering that if you get defeated, you lose all your badges and have to restart again.

I think 5 tickets per entry is more reasonable. What do others think?

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I would preferre to not loose all badges when you loose. It feel so demotivating at the later floors to start over again from 0 when you loose the last battle to get to the next floor… So my preference on this would be to loose 50% of the badges when you loose a battle.

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Sorry but events are meant to be cleared out by everyone. Then the game would only be grind. Now there is at least some kind of skill required.

Losing badges is all fine.

And 10 ticktes are fine too. Wouldnt mind 5 tbh but dont mind the 10 as well. You can always pay gems if u need more tickets.

Considering the time the event is open, it’s balanced nicely for 10 tickets… especially how we get tickets back faster now. I’d much prefer having fewer battles which each cost 10 tickets rather than loads of battles each costing 5 tickets.

The consolation prizes were added to make meeting trainers less frustrating (in the later floors). The trainers are meant to be the real challenge while the other battles are very easy.

Can someone please rate difficult of each floors? Or can we have comparison this to Super Challenge?

Like which floor is rated Master and which floor is rated extreme? which is even more tougher than extreme? etc?

The buffs starts mid-way at 7th floor and start going up,at 12th when facin rrainers its harder than extreme SCB challenge, but still not UC buffs at high lvls

I agree that less battles is better than more battles - not suggesting they increase number of battles and decrease entry ticket cost. That’s not really lowering the entry ticket cost.

The current ticket return rate is 10/hr. What’s the old rate of return?
A good adjustment would be to make first half of the tower cost 5/entry. Then 10/entry for second half of tower cos most of us low ranked players won’t have the ticket capacity nor monsters to reach the top anyways.

I think this would make it fair for all players.

It used to be 10 minutes per ticket making it 6 per hour. Now the 6 and 10 are reversed.

10 tickets definitely seems reasonable, considering you have nearly 2 weeks to complete the event. Just be grateful it’s not 15 like sotf.

We all get the same number of tickets per hour, it’s just more hassle to keep on top of when you’re a lower rank. But, as you say, lower rank players won’t be getting through the whole tower.

Let’s say you were going to go up to floor 9 (completing floors 1-8). You’ll be strong enough to do the first floor keeper, most likely the second. So that’s:
1st = 50 tickets
2nd = 30 tickets (keeper)
3rd = 60 tickets
4th = 30 tickets (keeper)
5th = 60 tickets

So far that’s 230 tickets. Easily done over a couple of days even if your ticket limit is, say, 50.

From the 6th floor onwards let’s say you get some losses against trainers. But even so, you’ve got 12 days to use ~250+ tickets.

I can’t see anyone actually being limited by tickets on this event unless they’re strong enough to get into the higher floors… at which point they’ll likely be higher rank and have a larger ticket storage. If you can’t get far it won’t take more than a few days worth of tickets for you, even with the 10 ticket entry cost.

I am rank 70 and I don’t mind this ticket limit. 

After I empty out I get time to put my phone down and enjoy my work and family and not have to worry about constantly filling up. 

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Wow. I had no idea. That is a big change.

Duly noted.

Good point. It’s a nice break reminder.

Not sure if someone else mentioned it yet so I’ll post it here. If you want two free Gems talk to Lily in the “About the Event” section. Just start the “Tell me about you” conversation several times until it disappears from the list :wink:

Thanks!! Got 1 gem though not 2.

Keep starting that conversation, you will get a second gem on the 5th or 6th try. Then the button disappears.

Trainer Garcia - 4 deo 12th Floor