Showdown Tower Buggggg

Im On 12th floor with 0 badges played (won) like two matches but still at 0 badges plz fix this as event ending soon. @Dev_VKC


Same here after todays update, 12th floor, 7 badges. Won 2 times in a row, but didn‘t get the 8th badge.

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haha i’m freaking happy now that i finished Showdown yesterday :smile:

@Dev_BRD Any news on when this will be fixed/will I get my tickets back?

Yep, got the same Problem, fought twice against Black Sun, nothing happened, no badge :imp::imp:

Well done devs :raised_hands: Tried all doors, even against Teams without Trainers i dont get badges… How is it possible to destroy a Working Event ?

I am at floor 8 with 5 badges… Didnt have Time play so i started yesterday, everything worked… After the Update,-nothing-

Same problem here. For me it means I’ve lost a complete day because I’m only able to play about 1 hour in the evening.
Thanks devs.

Also: the changes for iPhone X/XS/XR are ridiculous. There’s so much space on the screen but the buttons and monsters are small af.

Same for me too :frowning: needs to be compensated and the event extended.

I’m trying to complete this thing for the achievement gems for a hatch on the Dracarosa egg before it goes away. This is severely hampering my doing that

Same problem. Won two times in a row against Count Lector (floor 12 battle 12) but im still with 11 badges

Sorry for the issue, this has been fixed now.
We will have a sorry news soon, and extend the event by 1 day.