Should I use 50 gems on Christmas 10-1 or New Years 10-1?

I have 41 gems almost 50 considering I’m rank 49 with 1000-2000 experience away from rank50 so that’s 5 gems than do a bit of side quests then I’ll have 50 gems. But should I use it right away or wait until New Years one?

Absolutely wait until New Years. 4 of the 7 monsters featured are INCREDIBLY powerful, and the other 3 aren’t half bad either.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

Wow thnx, was gonna get 2 of those! btw how did u know what monsters were gonna be available for on new years? Is the info on the wiki page?

In the game info there are the new year’s monster icons

ah ok, oh and btw will buying a New Years 10 in 1 pack guarantee a legendary like the current Christmas one?? is super important info to me since I’ve had terrible luck in the past.

I’m 99.9% sure it will

Haha ok I’ll take a chance :smiley: ty

Should i roll my 300 gems this New Year or wait for another festival? My 6 packs for Christmas gave me not so good stuff so yeah

I’d roll. Good monsters gives you the opportunity to collect faster gems if you get lucky.

Here’s the full list of odds that I calculated on this festival. Any featured means any of the 7 event exclusives, and particular featured is the odds for EACH of the 7 monsters individually.

Any featured from single: 1.09%, 

Particular featured from single: 0.16%
Any featured from 10 pack WITHOUT legend guarantee(2nd, 4th, and 5th): 10.42% 
Particular featured from 10 pack WITHOUT legend guarantee: 1.49%
Any featured from 10 pack WITH legend guarantee(1st and 3rd): 25.69%
Particular featured from 10 pack WITH legend guarantee: 3.93%
Any featured from 6th 10 pack(excluding guarantee): 8.14%
Particular featured from 6th 10 pack(excluding guarantee): 1.36%
Any featured from all 6 10 packs(excluding guarantee): 63.54%
Particular featured from all 6 10 packs(excluding guarantee): 12.97%

They may not look like much, but trust me, this is about the best it’s ever going to get. If nothing else, there is tons of opportunity to stash up on regular legends you don’t have, and a few of them can pack every bit as much of a punch as the exclusive ones.

Wow so yeah I’m definitely saving for New Years then

25 gems for Xmas and 25 gems for New Year.

Hey guys I figured it would be best to buy a 10 in 1 pack one now (cause you get a guaranteed Legendary on the first buy) 

and buy a second one for the new years pack (Hoping that the first buy will have a guaranteed Legendary too)

So I bought a 10 in 1 pack and was not disappointed!  

Check this out!


To be honest I’m pretty new (only been playing for a month now) and I don’t know if these are good Legendary monsters but , hey, they are legendary :slight_smile:

Regardless if it was a good choice or not, that is an amazing hatch!
I got 45 legends, and those 2 you just hatched are my 2 favorites from all i got. So be super happy about it :slight_smile:

Both are awesome, congrats

Shiva makes most events so much easier and is annoying to play against in pvp.

Atra revives monsters and can charge bloodcrave for 50tu

Both great pulls

Awesome! Thnx guys :smiley:

You had an awesome draw. Mine was… let’s just say… mostly dupe Epics…

Delete both,they are bad