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im not one to usually complain but this basically only affects me :open_mouth: why is there no filter option for throw :triumph::triumph::triumph:

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Now you’ve spotted it i’m sure the devs will add it. There’s a space there which will satisfy everyone’s OCD when it becomes 3x3 :joy:

i need this :joy::joy:

Why is there a birthday cake near ur name

because its my birthday today, im assuming thats why


It means it’s the international lax day, happy lax day everyone


Happy Birthday!

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internation lax day :joy::joy::joy:

thanks :slight_smile:

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Because throw sucks :wink:


Happy lax day!

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Good to see you Lax. I believe Buck wants the same thing as well.

Question: If there were Throw option, should it include Rockoid summoners?

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Yes. Even dolphreeze

Yo @Dev_VKC if @Laxtankk gets a throw sort, I want a death revenge/payback revenge sort :sob:


same to you :slight_smile:
Rockoid summoners would make life easier aswell yes that wouls be awesome

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