Screen Recording

Hey all. A couple of us have been looking for a way to record our screens without using an external recorder (sloppy, hands get in the way), so we can record some battles. I made a thread somewhere in the PVP section, but we haven been able to find something that works.

So…do you guys have any suggestions? It must be free and safe.

Under downloads it has 2 screen reorders. (Not Compatible with ios 7, sorry)

Doesn’t require a jailbreak. just make sure to follow the instructions

You can use iTools! :slight_smile:

It’s free and records directly on to your computer :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to seeing some battles :smiley:

Zyphlan - Ashley tried that, and it don’t work for her iirc. Now, I am fine with tryin it out…is it free forever, or is it a “free at first, pay later” kinda thing? Safe? I don’t want unnecessary junk on my laptop…thanks for the info~

Shen - ah, darn…I’m on 7…hmm…Ashley might not be though.

ASHIEE! Are you on iOS 7?

I am.


Well, I’ll try out iTools later and maybe it’ll work for me?

It’s free forever :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’ll give it a try sometime but haven’t used it in quite a while so I don’t know why it wouldn’t work :frowning:

I looked some stuff up and seems this could work with the free trial : AirServer

AirMac for mac users

Once you can mirror your screen to your desktop you can record the desktop and then crop it or directly record only the selected zone with something like quicktime :slight_smile:

mmkay, so they don’t work for me. My phone is really old.

My ipod is really old.

My mac is really old.

…ipad is new, but not mine…

so yeah…

iTools crashes every time I open it.

I don’t know what else then :S sorry :frowning:

Most of the jailbreak apps are acknowledged to have better screenrecording features. Once my brother bought an app off the appstore and the ‘screenrecording’ consisted of taking loads and loads of screenshots and stitching it together to create a video. Appstore apps generally aren’t allowed to properly record the screen.

The link shen_w00 gives you lets you install apps for jailbroken devices without being jailbroken but you can only have one app of the kind using the code signing hack because Apple cracked down on it and revoked the certificate. Which is probably why it doesn’t work on iOS7 and the fact you need to change the date to make it work.

So I conclude that since it’s impossible for you to downgrade, your best bet is to mirror the screen with something like airserver or reflector and then record it.

Alrighty then. Tis okay. Thanks anyways~ n.n

Thanks for the info~ Mind enlightening me a bit?

What’s reflector? I saw the post with Airserver, and it seems nice…but I don’t want to have to pay. Lol. 

Emu4ios screen recorder is getting ready for an update.

Yay! Thanks~

I’ll check it out later. n.n

Thanks Shen i really needed a screen recorder (i have a youtube, nuff said)and i don’t have iOS 7 and really wanted it till i heard it crashed dib, that was a real turn off.