Scorpionix Moves

I have one, but I am not quite sure how the moves work… Earth Force and its metal slash confuse me alot… Can someone explain exactly how the moves are boosted and how they are used…?

earth force will hit every type of hard with extra damage except for metal type.  and metal slash can hit two opponents and gets boosted 500% if one of them are a metal type.   Im not sure if its boosted 1000% for two metal arks though…?  But thats about the just of it.

The metal slash can only be boosted if one of the opponents arks are metal right? Sorry I am just clarifying

Edit: Never mind i got it thank you!

Yeah if u hit one metal ark and one non metal ark, then the move is 500% effective against both enemy arks
Btw I have two and they r awesome

Yeah it really is nice. So if i hit say barricadus and an arkwing, it could take out arkwing from what ive seen

Pretty much, if the move is strong enough